Addressing Evolved Cleaning Demands in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

The COVID pandemic and our response to it brought a lot of changes to our workplaces, and how we work as a whole. This has had a significant impact on the cleaning and hygiene demands that are placed on businesses of all sizes and how they are best addressed.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most significant changes that happened due to the pandemic, how they affect the cleaning needs of businesses like yours, and how these needs can be best addressed.

Periodic Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Periodic and deep cleaning are two complementary parts of an effective cleaning regime designed to maintain high standards when it comes to hygiene and preventing the spread of viruses. A deep clean will typically be performed once per day and thoroughly sterilizes the workplace as well as removing dirt and grime.

On the other hand, periodic cleaning is performed multiple times each day and focuses on disinfecting high-contact areas such as door handles to minimize their ability to spread bacteria and viruses. Policies that encourage or require employees to clean surfaces or items immediately after they finish using them also form part of the periodic cleaning strategy.

Increased Use of Communal Workspaces

Arguably the most significant impact of the pandemic for many workers was the shift towards a hybrid working style. With many employees now working from home part of the time, many companies are moving away from each worker having their own assigned desk to an office plan centered around communal workspaces that can be used by any employee.

The fact that one worker may be using a computer or workspace one day and then a different worker using it the next makes it even more crucial that high standards of cleanliness are in place, both for the comfort of your employees and to stop the spread of COVID and other illnesses. Whilst many companies take positive steps such as encouraging their staff to clean computer keyboards and mice with antibacterial wipes before and after use, this still needs to be backed up by a more thorough and appropriate cleaning process.

A More Scientific Approach to Cleaning and Hygiene

The strong emphasis on periodic cleaning of high-contact areas isn’t the only development that brings a more scientific method to office cleaning. A more data-driven approach allows companies and contractors to ensure that their cleaning routine and methods are adequate and identify any deficiencies which need to be addressed.

The use of software to track cleaning standards combined with tools such as ATP meters allows us and you to see figures showing just how well disinfected your premises are. This means that you can be absolutely sure that your workplace is really as clean as it looks.

Benefits for You and Your Employees

Although cleaning may already feel like a burden for you, these changes can bring serious benefits in terms of reducing absences and keeping your employees happy. Workers in a post-pandemic world care more and expect more in terms of their employer demonstrating that they’re serious about protecting their health, and doing so will help to keep them happy and reduce staff turnover.

It also controls the spread of illness in your organization, meaning a more productive workforce with fewer lost days, something that both you and your employees can be happy about.

The Professional Solution

Even with the benefits, you may be hesitant to dedicate any more of your team’s time to cleaning, or even if you’re fully convinced of the benefits, you may feel that you simply don’t have the resources to put a more comprehensive plan into action.

Fortunately, with professional cleaners and hygiene experts like Bayside, it’s easy to implement a thorough cleaning process that protects the health of your staff and customers while ensuring everything still looks great. We can work with you to develop a suitable plan that’s tailored to your business’s specific needs, implement it, and perform all the testing and monitoring needed to ensure it’s working as effectively as possible.

If you’re ready to find out more about what we can offer you, contact us today.


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