Business Owners' Spring Cleaning Checklist For The Office

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The main benefit of spring cleaning your business is to ensure a cleaner and safer workspace that improves focus and mood, leading to higher productivity and happier employees. Here's a comprehensive spring cleaning checklist for the office to get you started.

Sanitize and Organize the Workstations

The average workstation is home to a shocking number of germs (10 million), 400 times more than found on a toilet seat. Therefore, workstations require more than a quick wipe-down when spring cleaning the office.

It's essential to use a disinfectant at the right concentration and a damp microfiber rag to sanitize tables, drawers, electronic devices, keyboards, and phones. In addition, you can add visual appeal by organizing and sorting out files, papers, pens, and other odds and ends to eliminate clutter.

Since we live in a digital age, remember to organize the computers. Get rid of digital clutter and improve workplace efficiency by removing junk files, clearing internet browser cookies, organizing folders, updating apps and operating systems, and backing up essential files to an external hard drive.

Deep Clean the Kitchen and Breakroom

The kitchen and breakroom need extra attention because they have many shared high-touch surfaces that can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Start by deep cleaning the refrigerator. Remove leftovers and expired condiments, wash all the removable items, and use a gentle, effective, and non-scratch cleaning solution to wipe down the inside. Next, tackle the microwave, coffee maker, and other appliances by removing any buildup and disinfecting the inside, outside, handles, and buttons.

Clean the cabinets and sink, wipe down tables and chairs, disinfect all kitchen surfaces, and vacuum and mop the floor. This creates a spotless and appealing environment for staff to hang out during breaks and lunch.

Scrub the Bathrooms

The office bathrooms and restrooms may already be subject to regular cleaning, but they also need deep cleaning occasionally. That means spending more time spot cleaning, disinfecting, and paying extra attention to grime and dirt buildup.

Start by scrubbing and sanitizing all surfaces and touchpoints. The list includes restroom stalls, walls, sinks, faucets, pipework, dispensers, dryers, vanities, benches, and mirrors. In addition, it's essential to clean and sanitize toilet seats, urinals, and bathroom floors to ensure a squeaky-clean restroom experience for staff and visitors.

Refresh the Office With These General Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning the office typically happens once or twice a year, so make it count by adding the following to your checklist:

  • Vacuum the entire office
  • Tidy and declutter all areas
  • Deep clean the carpets
  • Wash and disinfect hard floors
  • Spot clean doors and light switches
  • Clean the windows, window ledges, and window sills
  • Clean light fixtures, vents, and blinds
  • Dust frames, furniture, and partitions
  • Organize office wires and cables
  • Use a hand vacuum to freshen upholstered furniture
  • Get rid of spider webs inside and outside your commercial property
  • Enlist the Help of a Reputable Commercial Cleaning Company

The underlying principle behind spring cleaning is thoroughness. As such, business owners may find themselves with a long spring cleaning checklist for the office that seems too daunting to tackle.

The good news is you can always rely on reputable commercial cleaning professionals for help. These professionals specialize in sprucing up business environments, leaving you and your staff more time to focus on core responsibilities.

Now that you know what to add to your spring cleaning checklist for the office, all you have to do is share it with your team of commercial cleaners. The advantage of dealing with experts is they know the best cleaning safety practices, observe the highest standards of cleanliness possible, and respect your working environment.

Your commercial property is unique; the right professionals will know which spring cleaning activities to perform for added value.

So, add 'hiring professionals' to the top of your office spring cleaning checklist now. Do this one thing, then relax as the professionals execute your checklist to the highest standards. Let Bayside do the dirty work for you! Contact us for your free consultation today. 

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