Office Flooring Maintenance During Spring

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Once the seemingly endless winter months have finally ended, most office managers are relieved that they no longer have to struggle with the snow and salt their employees and clients carried in with their shoes. The spring season does, however, have its own challenges to deal with.

Floor Your Visitors With Squeaky Clean Offices During Spring 

Whether it’s an employee, client, or business associate, people often base their first impression of your business on the cleanliness of your offices. To put it bluntly: dirty office floors are not going to make your firm famous in a good way. Your guests will, however, be impressed by a squeaky clean entrance area - and that impression will only be reinforced if the rest of the office floors look as good.

Many parts of the U.S. experience quite a lot of rain during the spring months, which makes proper floor care even more important. Not only will a lot of water find its way onto your office floors via visitors’ shoes, but leaves, slippery mud, and other dirt will also be tracked in. That is why you have to make sure your cleaning staff is properly trained on floor care during the spring months.

The following tips on office flooring maintenance during spring will go a long way to make sure that you are never embarrassed by how your business looks.

Use Only The Best Sealers And Finishes 

Having to replace office flooring prematurely will not only cost a lot of money, but it could badly disrupt your business activities. Prevent that by buying a top-quality floor finish that can resist scuffs, heel marks, detergents, and dirt. The best type of sealer will improve durability, enhance gloss by filling in pores on the floor surface, and provide superior adhesion.

Introduce a Couple Of Floor Mats And Rugs 

If you prefer the DIY route, you can simply buy a few rugs and mats (preferably with rubber backing) at your local home improvement or home decor outlet. Otherwise, you can sign a contract with a service that will bring in as many mats and rugs as you need and replace them according to an agreed schedule.

We recommend that you place a couple of mats and rugs in areas that carry high traffic, such as near entrance doors. This way there’s a better chance that employees and other visitors will properly clean their wet, dirty shoes when they enter.

Another good idea is to place a broom and perhaps also a snow shovel near the front entrance. That will take a lot of the effort out of sweeping up the final bits of de-icing salt from the stairs before they can be carried into your offices. Just make sure someone sweeps every day.

Use Both Manpower And Technology

A great way to ensure that your cleaning team is more productive and able to regularly clean all the office floors is to use floor care machines. Regardless of whether you get a walk-behind, ride-on, or robotic machine, make sure it isn’t too small or too big for your business premises. Also look for something with a big enough tank so it doesn’t have to be refilled all the time and a robust squeegee that won’t leave any water behind, particularly along curves where slip-and-fall accidents are all too common.

Use Proper Floor Care Pads

If you want to further improve your office floors’ appearance and improve productivity, choosing an appropriate floor care pad is important. Modern pads are made with zillions of very tiny diamonds so they can clean and polish a floor simultaneously without any chemicals being needed. Not only will this save money but it will also take a lot of the effort out of floor cleaning. Plus, it’s friendlier to the environment.

Make Sure That Spots And Spills Are Cleaned Immediately

Finally, ask yourself one question: what will be your first impression of a business where the floor in the reception area is riddled with spots and spills? The problem is that if one leaves spots and spills on a floor for too long, they will cause stains that are difficult to get rid of. And they can also increase the risk of someone slipping and falling.

The golden rule here is simply that if a spill happens, use a microfiber mop to remove it immediately before it can become a stain - both on the floor and on your business reputation.

If all of this just sounds like too much of a hassle, why not simply get a professional cleaning company to take care of all your office cleaning needs so you can focus on running your business? Let Bayside CBS keep your facility clean and safe. Contact us today for your free consultation. 

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