Why Pressure Washing is Essential for Apartment Complex Maintenance

power washing sidewalk

When it comes to apartment or condominium complex maintenance, keeping everything clean is an essential component. Though it can often seem like a small detail, it’s just as crucial as other elements such as painting and structural work and is important both in making the complex pleasant and presentable in the short term and in preventing issues in the medium and long term.

Visual Improvements

No matter how much you try to keep everything clean, conventional cleaning can only go so far. Small amounts of dirt will slowly but inevitably build up over time and a pressure wash can effectively remove this, restoring the property to its original glory.

If this is the first time you’ve had the complex washed in this way or it's been a while since the last pressure wash, you might be shocked at just how much difference it makes, and just how much dirt had built up.

Preparing for Painting or Other Work

When painting or treating a surface, you should ensure that it is clean and free from any grime or debris before you start. Whilst you could try to manually do this by wiping down or scrubbing the surface, this isn’t time effective and some dirt or grease may remain.

With pressure washing, you can quickly and completely clear the surface, ensuring that it is perfectly prepared for you to apply the paint or other treatment solution, or to perform whatever work is needed.

Effectively Clean All Areas of Your Property

Whilst conventional cleaning techniques may work well enough for areas such as windows or doors, it isn’t really practical to clean areas such as walls and driveways in the same way. Fortunately, pressure washing offers the perfect solution, meaning that every inch of the property will be as clean as possible.

Prevent Damage and Discoloration from Mold, Mildew, and Dirt

Mold, mildew, and dirt can pose more than just a short-term visual problem. If they aren’t removed, they can lead to permanent discoloration of your surfaces or to issues requiring more extensive and costly work. Pressure washing can ensure that they’re removed completely, preventing problems from arising further down the line.

Boost Curb Appeal and Keep Your Property Value High

The clean and well-maintained look that comes from keeping the complex clean with regular pressure washing can massively boost its curb appeal which in turn boosts the property value. It also makes it more attractive to potential tenants as well as those already living there.

Demonstrate Your Commitment

By having the complex pressure washed regularly, you make it clear to the leaseholders and tenants that you’re committed to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, as well as showing them that their money is being well spent when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. This will lead to fewer disagreements and complaints and makes for tenants who will stay with you for years to come, meaning significant savings for you in terms of both time and money.

Professional Service, Professional Results

Clearly, regular pressure washing can make a huge impact on the condition of your property and more than earns its place in your apartment complex maintenance program. Although some people may choose to attempt to do their own pressure washing, it's definitely worth having it done professionally.

When you choose to go with a reputable company such as ours, the advantages go far beyond just avoiding having to buy and store your own equipment and cleaning chemicals. Our experienced team will ensure that the entire surface is cleaned thoroughly, and understand the correct combination of cleaning chemicals and pressure to deliver the best results. You, your staff, and your tenants can just sit back in safety and just enjoy the results. Contact Bayside for your free quote! 

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