How Dirty Floors Can Affect Your Business

It may seem obvious that keeping everything clean can have a significant impact on your business, but it may not be obvious just how much of an impact seemingly small issues such as dirty floors can have. They’re something that can quite easily be forgotten about or neglected if you’re busy with other priorities, but once you understand just how much they can affect things, you’ll think twice before letting them slide.

Giving Customers a Bad Impression

Whether it's visibly grubby or feels sticky underfoot, flooring that is anything less than clean can give your customers a poor impression and makes for a less pleasant environment for them. This can result in less time spent with you and a lower chance of repeat visits, both of which decrease the total amount they’re likely to spend and therefore your sales and profits.

This is something that can affect all customer-facing businesses, but not always in exactly the same way. Restaurants and other businesses selling food may leave customers wondering whether there are poor cleanliness standards in the kitchens too, and high-end brands may end up with stores that feel more downmarket. Even offices can suffer from this, with a lack of cleanliness potentially projecting a sense that the business is disorganized and struggling to stay on top of things.

Creating a Risk of Injuries

Failing to keep your floors clean doesn’t just look bad though, it can also be dangerous. Whether due to spillage which isn’t addressed promptly or simply an accumulation of grime, dirty floors can be slippery. This can result in a nasty shock and potentially painful injuries for anyone walking over them, whether they’re a staff member or your customer.

In addition to the obvious unpleasantness for the person directly affected, such incidents can seriously harm your business. They can hit your reputation through negative word-of-mouth and, in more extreme cases, lead to negative press coverage and even the threat of legal action.

Setting Lower Standards for Your Staff

One of the most important aspects of owning or managing a business is setting the tone and standards for your staff, and cleanliness standards are both one of the most straightforward and most overlooked ways to do this. Making sure that even your floors are kept clean doesn’t just communicate your standard when it comes to cleanliness though, it does much more than that.

It will show your staff that you care about maintaining quality and high standards, and that even if things are busy, you won’t let them slip. It won’t just feel like an extra demand though, since just like your customers, your staff are sure to enjoy working more when they’re doing it in a clean and pleasant environment.

The Simplest Solution

Now you understand just how much of an impact dirty floors can have on your business, the only thing to do is to come up with a plan to tackle them. Although you could rely on in-house staff for this, it either means someone extra on the payroll or your other staff having to take time away from their usual duties. There’s also the need to provide training and to store cleaning products including chemicals yourself.

A far better and more simple solution is to turn to a reliable and respected firm of contractors such as Bayside, who can provide you with professional janitorial and cleaning services to fit your needs and budget. This ensures that your floors, as well as the rest of your premises, will always be cleaned to the highest standard, meaning that your employees and your customers will always see your business’s best side. The only thing better than that is knowing that all the details will be taken care of for you.


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